Our philosophy

At S.A.D. Informatique, we care about the quality of our software as well as our expertise in business management. All of our team are working toward one unique goal. Offering the opportunity to achieve an unusual level of performance to our customers. It goes through the integration approach that considers and manages the human aspect and all the way through the customization of the Maximum software. It allows to answer specific customer needs in order to provide them competitive advantage.

For over 25 years, S.A.D. Informatique in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu innovates in the design of extended ERP solutions.

Our motivation

S.A.D. Informatique was the first company in its sector to be able to provide SME with features that were previously only available to large companies. These features or more effective tools are used for mobility management, management by barcodes, time and attendance management (including biometrics).

To date, the financial management of over 1,200 Quebec SME is based on the efficiency of business solutions from Maximum Software.


OUR mission

(our dream)

Being the reference in the world of SME as the ideal IT department in whole or in complementarity, including the Excellence of our products, the Professionalism of our work and the Quality of our long-term relationships with our customers and partners.

OUR vision

(our reason being)

SMEs provide tailored IT tools and help them develop their autonomy to enable them to improve their daily management to make it more competitive in the market.

our values

(what's guiding our actions and decisions)

Excellence value
Constantly improve our know-how and know-being.

Integrity value
Strengthen genuine relationships and fair transactions.

Value of Co-operation / Partnership
Develop close ties tinted fun and team spirit.

Satisfaction Value
Ensure meeting the expectations of all through the delivery of products and services.

Human value
Promoting human relations at the height of each individual both in professional services by our social commitment.