specialized sector: Distribution

The distribution presents many challenges, among the global competition, rapid changes in demand and resale channels or even increasing operating costs. Within this environment, Maximum Software gives real-time visibility of operations. At any time, the manager is able to know the inventory turnover rates, profit margins and the state of its order booking. The right information is transmitted to the appropriate stakeholder. As a tool to support the decision, the Maximum Software enable its users to focus on their core activities by automating information processing.

Modules and Functionality

Key Features

  • • Corporate Management: Accounting
        human resources, dashboards
    • Inventory control and warehousing
    • Electronic catalog and management
    • Transport Management and
    • Customer Relationship Management
    • Sales Tracking
    • Integration of collection terminals
        data: bar codes and other
    • Integration of production modules
        for manufacturing companies

Additional modules

  • • Transport
    • Packaging
    • Traceability management and batch tracking
    • Customer service and management
        manufacturers' warranties
    • Service Calls
    • Promotion of products and campaign
    • User Training

A complete solution

Distribution to final sale - The supply chain includes both employees of SME at different levels (management to shipping, through sales and inventory management), suppliers, customers or distributors.

This is why the Software Maximum offer complete and integrated ERP solutions for distribution. They remain both affordable, user-friendly and adaptable to most needs.

Business Area

Hardware and overviews

Food and consumer goods

Chemical and technological products

Capital goods and industrial equipment