specialized sector: Environment

Maximum Software represent the ERP management solution of choice for any company involved in the collection, recycling and recovery/landfill, public or private, large or small. Their expertise used with Maximum is daily expressed by operating faster in paperless organization, or by saving energy and resources.
Everything is designed to offer all the necessary features. An emphasis is given to both ease of use and the ability to evolve with new business processes.

Solutions and Traceability

Customized Solutions

  • • Sorting centers and processing

  • • Ecocentres

  • • Truck Scales

  • • Centres of transfer and

  • • Places of landfills

  • • Composting or anaerobic digestion

  • • Warehouses

  • • Repair and Maintenance


  • • Finance and Administration

  • • Operations and Logistics/Fleetmapper

  • • Management of information flows

  • • Customer Service Management

  • • Waste management

  • • Supporting different technologies

  • • communications equipment Support


General brochure Environment Maximum (french)

Leaflet "Environmental Operations Management" (french)

Management of weighing (truck scale) (french)

Distribution (dispatch): Fleet Mapper (french)

Graphical representation of infrastructure managed by Maximum Software (french)