Partner Program

The partnership program S.A.D. Informatique aims to reward suppliers, integrators and dealers participating in the company's success. Through this program, S.A.D. Informatique can take advantage of a multitude of solutions and possibilities to specifically meet the multiple requirements of its customers. That is why we selected major partners in order to preserve the reputation and quality of our business solutions.

our Partners

Departement TI

Departement TI is an outsourcing firm offering turnkey IT asset management solutions for SMEs. With more than 30 years of experience in Maximum Software projects, IT Department is a partner of choice to optimize, secure and reduce IT costs.

Microsoft Partner

Microsoft Partner means a company that develops using Microsoft products. To join the program, it is important to fulfill all the qualifications required by Microsoft. These requirements are demonstrating the expertise and professionalism of the company with this certification.

Lateral Innovations

The expertise of Lateral Innovations in telecommunications, distribution, and transformation of recycled materials as well as in the general management makes this an important relationship in the field of resource management. The company specializes in the following areas:

• RFID Reader (UHF and LF)
• RFID antenna for truck
• Truck Computer with cellular module and software
• Interface module with optional driver for installation in the cabin


Our ProgressionLIVE partner is a key solution to provide electronic forms to your workers on the road. Using an interface, enter tasks and distribute them quickly to delivery personnel, technicians or representatives on the road. They instantly receive all the information necessary to complete the request. They can also initiate it.

Dunin Technologie

Our partner Dunin Technologie offers innovative and unique solutions to complex IT problems of manufacturing products custom made. Working in this field for over twenty-five years, Dunin Technologie provides customers the tools and ways of enabling them to achieve unmatched performance in the industry. It’s specialized in complex production planning web product configurations.

Info 360

 Our partner Info360 is a company specialized in technical computer services and distribution, IP telephony, as well as accommodation. A dynamic and professional team with over 10 years’ experience in media and computer programming.


The Business Council on environmental technology Quebec (CETEQ) is the employers' association of private enterprises of the main sectors of Quebec's green economy. Members of CETEQ work every day on the ground, sanitation of the environment. Our members employ over 15 000 workers with an annual turnover of over 1.5 billion.

Quebec Technology Association

The Quebec Technology Association (AQT) supports business leaders in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry by helping them develop their skills and grow their organization.