specialized sector: project management

Project management is not limited to static display of various stages. To optimize the time spent entering and analyzing data, respondents from various trades must be able to perform all the operations from the same application. "Maximum Project Cost Management" becomes an essential tool.

centralization of steps

Summary of steps and associated costs:

  • • Estimated
    • Engaged
    • Made
    • Description and Maintenance
    • Materials and products
    • Equipment
    • Salaries
    • Subcontracting
    • Groups and subgroups

The management of integrated projects in all operations of the SME

  • • General Ledger, budgets and profit centers
    • Payroll (deductions, construction special
    • Human Resources and timesheets
    • Peripherals and other data acquisition devices
    • Transactions
    • Inventories
    • Ordering and Invoicing
    • Production
    • Transport
    • Advanced Management lengths, weights and dimensions
    • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
    • Peripherals and other data acquisition hardware


The key strategic information for SME

Dashboards provide Key performance indicators and their evolution: percentage of achievement, milestones, profit/margin, level of extras, age of accounts receivable, control schedules, a special care is taken to visual representation and drilling capabilities for detailed analysis. More than reports, Maximum make the decision takers benefits of a business intelligence system.

Ergonomics and navigation

A simple project configuration
The project cost management module is intended for the construction industry and various businesses. Thanks to its versatility, it is especially applicable to manufacturing field production to order and to all organizations performing with a project approach. From one project to another, it is rare that the steps and work are strictly similar. The advanced configuration options meet these constraints by adjusting to different business processes.

The reality of business is indeed modeled in the interface. The Manager will define the successive phases of the work, for example surveying excavation and foundations, until the interior finish, through the installation of doors and windows. At each stage, the budgets are established and resources are assigned (labor, equipment, products, etc.).

Automate data entry to focus on strategic activities
Centralizing administrative operations resulting in the ability to process all transactions from the main window, avoiding the duplication of data and tasks: equipment orders, work orders, inventory management, time sheets, pay the construction, accounting entries, outsourcing, transportation, etc...

The visibility of costs and revenue in real time
The exact picture of the progress of the project can be obtained at any time. The various benefits and costs can be viewed in a comprehensive manner, but they can be detailed by expense or profit center. Once detected, specific actions can be worn on the sources of non-profitability. Overtaking is predictable and, when realized, are easily analyzable. The module also includes advanced management unplanned expenditure (extras).