specialized sector : SERVICE

Service companies need appropriate management tools to provide world class serve their customers. These also serve to be more competitive and to improve communication with its suppliers and partners. To this end, the "Maximum Software" includes all corporate operations. They provide the ability to deliver quality service and those to increase productivity, integrating mobility and the Web. This productivity is reflected among others by reducing the time spent typing by automated data transmission or by posting relevant information in step. All stakeholders benefit: operations manager, distributor, sales manager, account executive, marketing, field staff and administration.

key features

Some key features for service companies
Maximum manages and optimizes common tasks and operations to service companies, from prospecting to customer service:

• Customer master file, credit management;
• Call Management services and support, distribution;
• Contract Management;
• Monitoring of subscriptions / renewals;
• Warehousing, rental, sale;
• Work orders, time sheets;
• Transportation and logistics;
• Monitoring of guarantees;
• Marketing campaigns;
• Mobility
• Dashboards and more!

Software and services

About maximum software

The Maximum Software remains the solution of choice for companies wishing to integrate all of their operations within an ERP management system. They reduce overall costs while providing all the indicators to improve business management with decision making support tools. All corporate operations are covered: accounting and finance, sales, marketing, production, distribution, logistics, etc. for a total of more than 40 modules.

Services include business process mapping, project management, analysis, deployment, customization, programming, technical support and training. The clientele of SME and large enterprises will  also appreciate the Internet capacity and mobility improved transmission and accessibility of information to customers, employees and partners. Over 1,200 companies trust Maximum Software. The human aspect remains central in each intervention.