Entirely developed by S.A.D. Informatique Ltd., the Maximum Software is designed for forward-thinking managers wishing to work with powerful tools. ERP and MRP type, they are adaptable to most types of business.

MAXIMUM modules offer accounting management solutions for companies of all sizes, managing inventory, the different transactional operations and the optimization of internal processes.

The Maximum Software has a reputation recognized by many thousands of users. This recognition of technological innovation brought by the flexibility of the application through generating reports, forms, screens, objects and finally by the integrated programming language for users.

The Maximum Software is specially designed to quickly and easily process a huge amount of static and dynamic data.

Note: The complete software is delivered in French and English. Each user can work in the language of their choice.

module list

• Accounting
• Payroll multi-provinces
► EDI - pay and supplier payment
► Electronic Punch Clock
► Biometric Capture

• EDI - supplier payment
• EDI - Transmission
• EDI - import sales log
• EDI - import customer orders
• Data Encryption
• Intercompany
• Customer relationship management (C.R.M.)
• Task Scheduler
• Steel Distribution
• Accessories Modules

• Windows Mobile Device

► Reception with barcodes
► Shipping with barcode
► Physical count with barcode
► Import stocks receptions
► Importing the physical count


• Inventory

► Management of batch numbers
► Management of serial numbers
    ► Service Agreement
    ► Components and dismantling
► Credit Management
► Project Management
► Route Management
► Customs Forms
► E-Catalogue
► Promotions
► Recursive Invoicing
► Multi-warehouses
► Cores management
► Custom kit
►Purchase agreement and direct delivery
► Recycling

• Production

► Standard B.O.M.
    ► Customs B.O.M.
        ► Costing/MRP
    ► Transformation / Sorting / Converting
    ► Planning and Scheduling
    ► Numeric Punch Clock
    ► Preventive Maintenance
► EDI - CNC export

Support service

The responsibility of our support service is to provide fast and efficient service for resolving problems related to information technology. This service provides online help through different means of communication tailored to your needs.
S.A.D. Informatique staff has extensive expertise in this field and our team consists of certified professionals. Our main mission is to solve your problems in a very short time and ensure your complete satisfaction.
The subscription service support provides a host of benefits including automatically updating Maximum Software and the installation of the latest versions.