The responsibility of our support service is to provide an efficient and timely service to solve problems related to information technology. This service offers online help by different means of communication adapted to your needs. The staff of S.A.D. Informatique has extensive expertise in this area and our team is made up of certified technicians. Our main mission is to solve your problems in a very short time and to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Subscription to support services provides lots of benefits including automatic upgrading of Maximum Software and installation of the latest versions.


With the remote connection, the support service allows customers to save up to 30 minutes or more per intervention. This very safe procedure is simple: a connection request is sent to the client who downloads a utility. Then you only need to communicate the code and it’s done. The user is guided step by step by our experienced professionals and the modifications are realized in real time. This service is also available directly from Maximum and it can be used for document transfers and demonstrations.
Click on the image to the left to download the application.

maximum ftp

MaximumFTP is a tool offered by Maximum that will transferring files to and from S.A.D. Informatique. This will make it easier for you to transfer your backup copies and specific files necessary for various tests and modifications. In addition, you can download the updates directly from S.A.D. Informatique thus reducing the delays and costs incurred by postal items.
Click on the image to the left to download the application.